Monday, January 09, 2006


I guard you when you sleep. I cook food for you and your children. I bring you water. I drive you places. I wash your clothes.I tend your garden. I keep your car running. I sweep your roads. I risk my life for yours everyday. My fingers are worked to the bone building your home, cleaning your house and making your existence possible.


all of this is true. All the manual work in our day-to-day lives is done byu such people ; our maids, cooks, drivers, dhobi's, maali's, chowkidaars, vendors, sweepers etc etc etc
I magine life without these people. I magine is all of us were living in this wonderful life and had all the luxuries. WouldPakistan be the same? These people need respect!!!!!!
And we are the ones who can give it to them.
life isn't easy for our WORKING CLASS HEROES

X : WHO AM I?????????

I am what I am! I am the real side of what you call 'reality'.
What you see for its worth I see more for its beauty.
I own the streets I live in and you can't take that away from me.
I am fat. I am ugly. My breath stinks. I am unpopular. I am not witty. I am not smart. I am stupid.I am nothing. I have black heads. My teeth aren't white enough. My eyeballs aren't white enough. I am not sexy . I have no style. I don't have money.I am not keeping pace. My shoes suck. My clothes suck. I am the crowd.

I AM THE MAJORITY................................................................

X marks the spot!!!!!!!

(PS: X :all the lower working class people)

We owe them a tribute
We owe them love
We owe themm smiles

Step into a common man's life
He wants to speak, we don't want to listen.
He is 90%
We can never be them; we won't survive it
Smile at me and I'll be happy
They guard me when I sleep(if i ever do)
Their imperfection is their beauty
They make Pakistan, we don't
Give them a chance to beat you
We have infured the frustration we see.


Respect them.
We have changed the reality for the rest of Pakistan

X needs no introduction!
X marks the spot for treasures
and still you ask why X in my blog!

excerpted from Mr. magazine

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kamila Shamsie's books turn me on...............

Wheww............Kamila Shamsie's awesome man.........

Brr........... its freezing

here i am, in a sweater, jacket and jeans wearing socks and shivering like its -6 degrees outside!
well i did find out that a couple of days ago, Karachi's temperture was -2 degrees at 4 in the morning. Imagine waking up one day to find snow on the roads. Oh my God!!!!!
Definitely cool!!!!!!!!!!

Winter brings with itself an atmosphere of gloom and utmost despair. It is in winter that I am as depressed as a shrivelled gourd. Its a time to brood, to think of the new year, to be quiet for once and listen to the inner voice, to get to know yourself better and to think of things of great emotional value to you.....................................Yeah thats what winter means to me! AND EXAMS.......................

Well, because of Eid, there's this unbearable stink in the air which is affecting your's truly's brain(not that she had much up there, but anyway...)Animals Animals, everywhere.......i feel like singing (told you about the brain) Well my sister has taken to relating her experiences withh, cows, goats and SHEEP(she exclaims with delight) to me..........Arghhhh do I care if a sheep is "softie softie" or if a small *bakra* is called 'teddy bakra'? My dear sister who knows I have a deep hatred for cows and goats(well maybe because a goat made me run 10 miles ,once, before it decided that it was time to retreat and the cow which came towards me head forward almost sticking its horns into my stomach just to be *friendly* as my cousin said) tries to convince me to feed them all the time using the tone she uses only when she wants my Kit-Kats.Its soo annoying because she knows I will never ever feed a cow or a goat or even a 'softie softie sheepie' just because she thinks its great fun. I'd much rather write on my blog, thank you very much or finish ' Broken Verses ' (Kamila Shamsie)..........hmmmphhhhhhhh

I am waiting for the result.................RESULT.RESULT.RESULT. am I becoming a robot like Fussy said? Did Dexter reallly make me into a robot? No can't be! Not Dexter, my love!!!!!!I don't care about Fussy or her theories!!!!!

My friend Alu, is soo depressed and the person who made her into this suicidal freak is going to get it from me....I swear....maybe not today or tomorrow but DEFINITELY someday and that day will be the day he will go to meet his LORD!!!!!!!!! I swear!I don't get the mentality of such freaks , woo a girl, claim your love blah blah blah and then "uhum! My Mother is getting me married to a girl, my cousin, and I swear i don't like her but I have to listen to Mummy darling"
Oh and what about the time 'Mummy Darling' told you to quit smoking or to study hard or to stop talking to girls etc etc, the list goes on But ' Mummy Darling' names a girl very beautiful and you say " Oh Mom but of course I'm going to listen to you!"
Such freaks......................Uh-oh i think I hear a cow mooing very close by.....No it can't be ! I must be imagining it.....Oh no!!...................................AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Friday, January 06, 2006


I just wanna tell my sweet friend that THE GUY isn't worth it
leave him sweetheart , he doesn't deserve u
if he can't respect u an doesn't get all ur problems y the hell do u wanna go out with him?????????????

as i walk towards my car......................................

As I walk towards my car outside my school in Sadder, I am shocked and amazed at the number of perverts in our city. It seems to me that this might be a new sort of community coming up in Karachi.(I don’t know about the rest of Pakistan) They may be called The Greasy Brothers (TGB) or maybe, Owners Of Greasy Bodies(OGB) Gives you the picture? Not yet? Well another clue is their “T-shuts” which are so tight that you wonder if they can really breathe in them. Their skin-tight jeans are claimed to have been bought from “Levis” not “Levi’s” mind you. They forget the apostrophe and Hey Presto our very own Levi’s becomes Levis. Well if this is surprising you, let me tell you about how Versace becomes Versas and I actually heard one of them claim that he promised his girlfriend a Chanel (pronounced as in a river channel etc) Suit after he got his monthly pay at Babul Mechanic’s.

Yes, I’m talking about all those guys outside girls’ schools and colleges.
Description: wearing their outrageous clothes with oil literally dripping from their pigeon-dropping stuffed heads, chains clanking and clinking on their necks and wrists they have wonderful red “paan” stained teeth which would make any old paan-eater proud.

Occupation: sometimes work as backdrops at mechanics, paan-shops, and maybe an odd canteen. Peeing on the roads.

Aims: Usually, their main aim in life is to attract one of the “burger” girls from either the schools or colleges (a futile attempt, really) by grinning with their paan-stained teeth, wolf-whistling and posing all around the road-sides in what they think are ‘sexy’ poses. And yes, that girl in a ‘burka’ will do. She’s a girl isn’t she? And besides you can see what a great body she has even through the abaya. Imagine her without it! Plus she goes in a Mercedes!

Educational Records: Expelled in Grade 2 from St.Paul’s Urdu Medium School or maybe Lyari Grammar School or one of the likes. The reason for expulsion probably being, getting a boy to give them a blow-job convincing them that the thing down there was the banana his mother gave him for lunch (if in an all guys school) or maybe getting a girl to do it (if a co-ed) or maybe telling some one that they were Brad Pitt’s brothers causing them to faint and hit a wall killing them instantly.

Future prospects: when we say” Keep Karachi clean” we also mean all the filth on these guys too. The only way in which they might get the girl they want to attract is if someone dunks them in hot water to wash away the grease, get them to brush their teeth 8 times a day and get them into more decent clothes ( yes! That means throwing away the fake Levi’s which say I’m Hot on the seat of the jeans AND the orange t-shirt which says” I want your body”)