Tuesday, August 05, 2008

moved my blog to wordpress



its way coller.

i still write here.. when i feel liek it
but wordpress is cooll

Sunday, August 03, 2008

We're back in time, in a little yellow life-boat..
God works in strange ways..
Who would have thought that memories so pink, so full, so replenishing would return like this?

"one day, i'll rest my head in your lap by a river and skip stones while you run your fingers though my hair"

I'm looking forward to such whole-hearted fun and peace.. =)

i wanna be me. just me.

is it going to be the same? or better?

What i want is to disappear
like i never existed.

No void lasts long in this world.

I dont exist anymore. I wish

Everythings so messed up and im watchin myself slowly destroy everything good in my life..
I think im mentally unstable.
I dont know.
But im doing it.

Its weird. But i cannot stop. An I don't want to stop.

I swear, im a maniac.

I want to stretch up, and hang onto the moon and fly away

I want to die. Right now.

I dreamt i was dead and i woke up a bit shaken but strangely happy.
And now Im waiting for the dream to come true
Because, ofcourse its the easy way out of this inferno.

Im sick. I cant even breathe properly. My chest is hurting and so is my upper left arm. Its so annoying. And when i breathe, my lungs hurt.

And also the sole of one of my foot is hurting

how retarded am i?

Love's shit
Actually no. Love makes you feel like shit
Or maybe love turns you into a shitty person.

Whatever it is..
where ever there is love, a lot of shit is involved