Monday, July 24, 2006

annoying .....

Being a hard-core feminist at heart who dreams of being independent , it is hard for em to digest the sacrificing eastern-girl attitude adopted by some of the girls i unfortunately know.
"Oh we know our future is a husband and three kids so why dream of having a job and living alone?" said one individual leaving me gaping at her with my mouth half-open.

Given one such individual or even thirteen like her and a peaceful room i could argue their brains out and make them think like me( i'm rather persuasive and debating is something i "lurve") but it is rather annoying when they shoot u with a you're-just-a-kid-and-u'll-start-thinking-like-us-soon look and smirk at you. Ugh and the best i can do then , is say ok fine be like this. Act like those illiterate village women who bear cricket teams after cricket teams and have no purpose in life. See if i care.

I mean puh-leez. Even if you know for sure that your future is going to be the husband and kids at the age of 19, you can atleast broaden your minds. You can atleast aspire, hope, dream and not act stupid and think of which designer you're going to get your bridal dress made from. PUHLEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

This is the thing which annoys me most. This and also the stupid attitude that girls have towards talkign to boys. If your in a weddign and talkign to your male cousins, you're sure to get these weird looks from women and also girls your age who should understand better than to think that you're gonna bring your bf to one of thses weddinds and talk to him. PUHLEZZZ.
its weird and its annoying. At times its soo annoying that its hilarious.

Try wearing a short shirt or sleevless or capris and see how women react. They are actually more horrified than males. Come to think of it, why would males mind. lol. a li'l more skin. good for them. haha.

my mums screaming
i wont forget this.
will be cont. later.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

holidays....boridays (bored in these days)

the title makes no sense.....and so does this boredom.
i mean yes it is the hols and yes there is nothign to do.....BUT precisely the question. WHY isN'T there anything to do?

except for clothes and shoes and jewellery. why?
oh because my Mammoo is getting engaged!!!!!!yeah we finally did convince him.....
Meanos aren't we?:P

and yes My darling cousin is getting married.
cool....or what?
but honestly....i like the girl he's gettign married to better than him(my cousin) :P:P maybe cuz we share the same name:D

is taht a sin ? Oh hope not.

My twoo bestesttt friends are busy these days.
sadia= it seems is non-existant....not that i mind.... i juts feel sad when she isn't around.

Ayesha= with admissions and stuff.....not that she talks to me anyway...that much...:D

maheen is not that busy....just ali'l bit and yes she does give me attention. Do i lovee it?