Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Its ramzan and im very tired. Iftar parties tire me a lot. Aunts calling you over to their places, cousins asking you to come to some weird restaurant for I ftar and friends bugging you to join them at pizza Hut (that was awesome by the way....29 people!!!!!) All you end up doing is making friends with the little boy sitting next to your table, who is as bored to death as you are. Atleast thats what I did! Made friends with this cute little boy (umer) who was showing me how to hiss like a snake.....I put ina few gasps of wonder and we became best of friends....atleast for the day.

But the sad part were the guys-men over there. Ther was this particular man who was wearing a prayer-cap on jeans and a t-shirt. He kept staring at my cuz and me. He had the oddacity to wiggle his eyebrows at me! I couldn't help laughing which made him more cheeky.My cuz is still not talking to me because of that:P not that I care!

Some of these parties are a weeny bit interesting. Only if there are some nice guys thre:p
And I mean those without prayer-caps on their jeans!hehe Im bad.
Well seriously. That idiot looked so weird.Imagine1 Here is this man in black jeans and a black t-shirt with long hair wearing a a triangular pryaer-cap!
hehe ciao gotta go!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

why am I angry huh?

why are you so irritable? why are you so angry? what's bothering you? Asheyy speak up!!!!! makes me so mad. They want me to speak up haan? Well if I do , they'll think I'm being in my opinion its better to keep quiet and burn within yourself. Sometimes I think my blood might be made up of Red Hot anger and White Hot anger instead of R. Blood cells and W.Blood cells.And if all this anger would take shape, it would be a raging, cold, ugly monster. I mean when people try to talk to me when Im angry and I quiten down, they think that Im satisfied and that Im calm but little do they know that they can not calm that monster down and its eating me up from within bit by day Im gong to be as hollow as a whistle and they can harp on and on about how I should not get soo angry etc. They never try to ask me why I am angry! Its like they avoid getting tangled into my problems or else awkward about the fact that they might find something about me which they wouldn't be able to cope with. I might not remain the cute little asheyy then! I might be one of those horrible girls they talk about in the hope that I will not take after them. But did they care to find out whether I was always like thm, or that I may not be the angel they think I am or that something about them might bother me and I could hate them,? Oh no! that can't be possible! I'm their own fleshand the hell can I hate them...Oh thats impossible. But to tell you the truth it isn't! I can hate them, I can criticize them and I can want to be alone!
One of the things I hate is when they insist that privecy isn't nice because then your child becomes too involved in himself and stops caring about the world.....which may be true. I wouldn't know! All I know is that I need my space frown , to cry or to scorn or just to spread my wings ...they shouldn't care! Because privacy is one of your basic necessities and rights as a human being.......
arghhh thsi has only made me more angryy...............damn!

why am I angry huh?

walking down the Club..................

walking down the corridor in any Club makes you wonder how God could have possibly made so many kinds of see every possible kind of person and for someone interested in people this is the best place to start any research.Its fascinating how you see the girl-in-pigtails and the one sporting Levis , the guy with oily side-parted hair and the one with spikes altogether. Throw in a few odd Mums and Dads and there you go....a Club for you.

As you walk past them, the whole thing gets more interesting. You get to know that the guy with the specs was not talking about his biology assignment as you thought but was actually talking about childbirth. The girl with pigtails was actually talking about her boyfriend and the guy with spikes, about a new pimple he had developed on his uhum nether region.

You pass by a group who appears to be studying very hard but you decide to play peek-a -boo and you find half-a dozen semi-porn magazines lying open and people gaping at nude models. You pass by women in their thirties discussing their daughters-in-law or maybe the liposuction they had....Then you pass by men discussing their beautiful secretaries. Go to the snack bar and you see guys and girls dating, go to the library and you see a man flirting with the librarian, go to the swimming-pool area and you see the coach surrounded by bathing-beauties,a dozen of them!!!!
So walk down the Club and see for yourself!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Im sooo totally history.....

Im so going to be history cuz my mother will kill me this week.Why? Cuz I flunked the goddamned history test. The worst part of it is that it is History we're talking about..No one flunks history!I mean its just rattofying stuff and reproducing it on paper. But no I flunk! I have never flunked history before but the day I say"Oh for the first time in my life the test went great" surprises of surprises I flunk.Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!I feel relaxed enough for someone who is fearing hoo ...ther'll be no asheyy....oh God I don't want the world to be so happyy.... :P
Waise, why do we have to study history? Isn't it time we moved ahead and took a fresh breath of air.Its time we forget our aweful goddamned past, and move ahead.Its time we stop memorizing the number of wives some King had, and start to look at the number of women raped.
How does History help us? Doesn't it only tell us about how you take out your own religion once you gain power like Akbar The Great? Doesn't it show us how to turn around and tell the poor that if they don't have bread why don't they have cake instead? like Marie Antoinette.

Ok now the test is history.Im not talking about it anymore.......

Our class is full of weirdos.I mean I won't name anyone but lets call this certain person...shasha.She goes around strutting llike she owns the school. I mean how many people you know ask you stupid questions just for the heck of it?how many? I mean she comes up to me and asks me if my ear hurt. I was confused and like a normal person asked her whether it looked swollen or red(the second piercing does give me that kind of trouble) But she goes like its a free country and she can ask me whatever she wants whenevr she likes!
I mean how idiotic is that. She goes around asking random questions which sound dumb like "Have you studied?" so the other person goes like "is there a test?" and she says "no!" with a confused look.
I mean it may sound alright now and maybe uhh normal but its so annoying having her around. She tells on everyone, and cuz of this heard a half-an -hour lecture from yours truly!:)
She has these big round freaky eyes which she rolls every second and shares my first name!(hard luck , i know!)
But if you see a short, annoying, question-asking, pestering 14-year-old with the name that sounds like shasha, its HeR!.....beware!
And I forgot she can cry too with all of the other annoying things she does........
We;'re so going to murder her when we get the chance....I mean this is why they taught us Julius Caesar right?:P
Well so you see we come back to history teaching us horrible things like how to assassinate someone!
ok i know I'm being one of those the-grapes-are-sour types but studying is not what bothers me, its the learning part, the tests and exams!
I mean ok Mr.Jinnah was brilliant....but is it exactly brilliance if when a person asked which side he was from, Congress or the League he says "Indian first, Indian second and Indian third"
Isn't it what we call indecisiveness today? Isn't it not being sharp enough to retort back?
I don't know...he got us a free country though...i guess thats what matters....So that means keh if I do something which is considered great, my Mum will forget the history test....Cool !!!!
I'll do that hen...Ciao gotta go and think:P

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just wondering...........

Till when is there going to be this discrimination between the two sexes?
Educated, sensible, civilized people indulge in this when they're supposed to be the elite, the enlightened.
If we look at this matter carefully, people don't even realize that they're being unfair. O no! It is ok! I mean good parents are the ones who don't let their daughters go out late, when their sons are attending late-night dance parties right?
They are the ones who keep their daughters from partying while their sons are half drunk!
they are the oneswho do not let their daughters wear the clothes she wants to but their sons are roaming around with half-naked girls...........

The parents may be crooks, may swear their tongues out, may indulge in veery bad thing, their sons might be murderers....BUT oh no! the daughter must be the perfect little angels....
If parents have all been childen why do they refuse to understand our problems? Why do they not understand and acknowledge the phases we're going through and the natural things we face like crushes, celebrity obsession etc?

Why when we say"Mum we're going to a concert!" does our mum freak out when our brother dears can just go there without asking?

Why have most of our male counterparts become so arrogant? Cuz parents make them into spoiled brats!They do....its their darling boy....oh so makes me gag
Guys go around flaunting the no. of gf's they have and we, if ever caught talking to a guy even as a friend....
OH no! a guy? Oh my god...not OUR daughter surely? How will she get married now?
I hate it.....
till when do we bear it?
Till when?

Monday, October 17, 2005


Oh i have resolved to type like a normal, kid(or is it supposed to be child!)My very very annoying friend told me off about 3628901 times for writing in slang and for using short forms in a blog,.........
"Its supposed to be a blog for God's sake, ayesha, a bLoG!!!!People are supposed to know you can write well and how much effort does it take anyway? Please Edit your blog, or else give me the link and I'll do it...please...ITS A BLOG!!!"
So well since I don't want to be murdered I'll type normally...She doesn't know...IT DOES TAKE EFFORT!
And she even went on to say that
"The blog's my baby, i love it, people read it because I write well and if they don't read it , I'll die, I mean its my bloggie!"
lolz you know what I may have some feeling for my blog, but "a blog being a baby" is a bit welll, exaggerated.

I am soo annoyed! One of my least favourite aunts have taken to coming to my house everyday.
First day!
Me: Mum I'm going to my friends house down the street.
Mum: Ok don't be late
Aunt: What Oh My God!!!!!! a girl walking down the street alone? Oh god!!
Mum: Ummm sooo?
Aunt: Oh God ! And she's wearing jeans....Oh Oh God!!
Me: So?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt: Don't be rude my child, do you know? Jeans are "haraam"(forbidden) in Islam! Oh god and to be walking alone?!

Second Day!
Cousin:That man was so freaky, asheyy!
Me: Oh come was just..
Aunt: Come on where? Going for a walk...I'll come too, don't go alone
Me:AS I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, it was just a monk wearing..
Aunt:Monkey? I used to own own...Its name was Mirage and it was brown and fuzzy.........
Me: Argghhh and he was wearing a toga-type-thing......
Aunt: Toba-Tek Singh? Have you been there ...Its lovely...When I went there for my honeymoon with your first uncle,......................
Cousin: Ahahahahhahahah!
Aunt: Child stop it! look at asheeyy so sweet, the darling child
Me: what????????????????

Third day!
Me: mum the pizza's awesome!
Aunt: Pizza! Its not Muslim food....Now! you should only eat roti and lentils and sober food!

Fourth Day!
Aunt: Now what are you always banging into this type writer and T.v?
Me: Aunt, its a computer and I'm typing!!!!!and I don't want to be disturbed.
Aunt: Today's generation!!!!!Oh Oh God!!!!!

Fifth Day!
Aunt: What are you doing?
Me: listening to music!
Aunt: Oh is it Madam Noorjehan?
Me: UMmm no! Its ........
Aunt puts on the headphones and runs out of the room screaming,
Mad , I tell you...Oh Oh God!!!!

But I loved her when...

Aunt: What are you singing all day?
sIS: I love you, you love me...we're ..........
Aunt: Oh please, what kind of vulgar songs the children are singing nowadays, Oh God A kid five years old is saying I love You! Oh Oh God!
Sis: A happy family , with a greatttttttt biggggggggggg hugggggggg..........(some things never change)

Oh I hope she leaves soon..............................

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Early Bird...*starved*

Ever heard of that"Early bird gets the worms" thing? well but in ma case its not that..Woke up at 10 (early for saturday) but i can\t get the worms..oopz i mean food..breakfast...water..AnYtHiNG !!!!!!!!!
CUZ iM FASTING... yah me!!! kewl or wat?
weelll that familiar craving for caffeine (in any form) is enveloping me........

Well as I told you, I did wriggle out of that Little Tea Party thing ......hehe now I can look forward to a bright happyyy day.
But how can yyou wen ur starved......i only had a bit of toast in sehri and a sip of tea....only becuz at one in the morning I had had Chocolate Mousse while I was reading....hmmm it was heavenly...and so in sehri at four-ish in the morning I cudn\t have anything else.....sad what chocolate does to u naa?

I'll meet ma cuz today....ddear ol\ cuz...and im gonna hear about wat she did at her frends frend actually u no?. As a foreplay to u no? excercise ma curiousity she told me bits and pieces of the things they did...which did sound exciting.....pity it involved sumone I loathe......loath.....detest.......her bf. Hmpphh that diot....In our case it is
"I hate u...u hate me....we\re a hating family...with a great big frown and a slap for each o' u....won't u say u hate me too?!!!!!!"
Barney eat ur heart out!!1:P
This song is stuck in ma head since ma sis kept singing it wen I was half-asleep today in the ma subconcious picked up the stray vibes of this lame barney song and here i am...everything's reminding me of it..............the pains of having siblings.................

I was just trying to take out sum decent clothes from my closet wen a whole avalanche of clothes, socks, hangers etc came tumbling on top of mother who was calmly reading the paper with great style and the air of an old man who's got nothing better to do .....put down the papers so hard that they actually made a loud sound...yeah papers!!!!! but maybe it was just the frame which went down with it......I can see my sister's constipated face staring at me from the frame....

My sister wants to die today....she is tempting me with olives(yum), awoke me up at nine-ish cuz she had to use the bathroom, den she was hungry...finally at nine-thirty, I went to sleep again only to be woken up by sum banging sound....which was cuming cuz my sis was banging o the floor wid a stick(don ask me how it got there, beats me how it did) and singign"I luv u u luv me we're a happi family"
We won't b a happy family if u don shuttup I screamed, but she only gave me grin and blew me a kiss....yeah sheez nuts, well my sleep was long gone, so here I am.

well gotta go clear up the mess , in my bedroom before ma mum kills me...ciao!

Friday, October 14, 2005


weekend atlast...........wowowow finally ...I thought it wud never come.........tests , math , math , tests.........thats all i thought of this week!!finally friday!!!! heavn i tell u! but den there's the boredom factor awaiting u every weekend....and in that struggle between me and boredom.....the wrethched boredom always wins.......ok i know im toking crap here.
but den wat shud I do?!

I have this major stomach ache and i had a row wid ma frend........................
Making me feel horrible..tomorrow...this weird aunt party and i have to go.......HAVE TO
cuz apparently that aunt has taken a liking towards me!yah me!! me?!
i mean ok cuz i was in a good mood one particular day.................i said she looked nice...i know i know, my bad!
but i did and since den sheez been showing me her clothes...but DUH i din't make that mistake again.Duh!
I thought this wud u no? discourage her or sumthing BUT no!!!!!!!!!
i still get invited to her stupid littl eparties...where everyone is in various kinds of frills and pinksssss.......................yeah nice cute fat aunties who burp as loud as a foghorn, who blow their noses as loud.....and of course there is Auntie Honky. She has this incredible bulbous nose that ur tempted to squeeze to hear a honk!!!!no Im serious...........
well but all miseries aside i may be able to wriggle out this party like I did last time.......oh wasnt auntie, depressed?!!!!!!!!!!!lolz BAD me!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

stray vibes-AGAIN!

hmmpphhh im having one of my mood swings...the fact that as i was almost publishing my first posts , my pc. decided to prevent it, is not helping.........arghhh why do i own so much rubbish.......
My mother seeing my mood has rushed off in to the kitchen muttering something which sounded oddly like 'chilli brains' i dunno whether she was toking to me about how i should chill my brains or that i had chillis for brains or maybe she was just uttering the name of a new exotic dish she had prepared....and believe me i don wanna find out...

I have nothing to do......stray vibes probably coming frm my sister of sulking have engulfd me and im totally under their dear sis is now smiling her "angelic smile" as my aunt calls it though i personally think her face looks all strained and she looks constipated.......and this remark has often caught stray vibes of disapproval from various elders............