Sunday, November 26, 2006

sick in the head....

sana j once said " Evrytime she comes to a mall, she buys hoops. She's sick in teh head"

so true.
thsi is my hoop collection
These are the ones i could find in my crowded cupboard...:p
there are more:P


got new hoopsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love hoop earrings, they're just so pretty. And these have li'l studs in them....

Friday, November 17, 2006


somewhere, something went wrong

i'm sucha couch-potato!

i'm becoming FAT.
fattie Phat phattie fat!
pattie fattie phattie fat...

oops. got carried away!

i wish i could dissolve....
i wish i could seep through walls and doors....


Saturday, November 11, 2006

.... =) (= .....

i paint my face regularly,
with layers of bright colours,
hoping to lather,
the dull hopelessness beneath......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In denial....

Well what do you expect anyway?

We were assembled in the morning in front of the school building and the headmistress had just announced the dates of the Exams.I felt a shiver go down my spine and felt goosebumps on my arms (ps. goosebumps are normal for me.I am emotionally very sensitive)Anyway hearing that the exams dates would once again include my birthday, i felt like strangling myself.And then suddenly we heard her say that grade 10 and 11 would not have exams. Sure that we heard her wrong, we all said "umm what?" because this must be the first time in history that any Grade was not having exams. She repeated the statement and we al whooped. Ignoring the excited cries, the jealous looks of the grade 9 people esp. Iqra's li'l sister, whatever her name is I just looked on. I couldn't beleive it. I didn't want to believe it , incase it wasn't true. I felt like syaing "ahan, and bring on the fineprint now."
But it was true, and we're not having our exams! But it was all too much for poor li'l me who was iamgining her birthday on an exam day again.

But i didn't join in the class excitement, because i was in denial.

me: Amna. exams horaey hain.
amna: haan haan horaey hain, they're jsut kidding.

so we were al in denial actually. I mean c'mon when did we ever NOT have exams?


yea yea I'm out of the denial stage:P

Monday, November 06, 2006


Inquire the importance of an expression from him.
He who commited suicide,
because his beloved failed to smile at him.....

Thursday, November 02, 2006


she swam out of the swirly, colourful water. Liquid dreams.Too intoxicating, too dangerous. She clung to the only support she had. The only thing that would bring her back to reality. The stinging truth. Why not drown and let the delightful fantasies pour into her?

She licked her lips, already moist. Glistening like shiny red blossoms wet with dew. She bit into her bottom lip and felt a drop of blood appear. She stuck her bottom lip into her mouth and sucked a while forgetting about everything else. Bleeding just to know she was alive.

And she thought. and thought. She knew it was surrender. But a asweet one , she knew. So she let her self be submerged by the enticing haze, the intoxicating stream.
And as purples and reds, yellows and blues blinded her eyes, she took her last breath. He final surrender. And then peace.