Monday, September 25, 2006

What is worse?!?

having to have a painful life...


having to have a painful death?

and why?...tell meeee

What is worse?!?

having to have your own puke in your mouth...


having someone else's spit in your mouth?

lol.....courtesy sarah and me...brainstorming together

tell me ok?:P

Monday, September 11, 2006



I went through the day, bored as usual with life. Why doesn't anything exciting happen? And thats when i realized. Its 9/11. I'd rather there was no excitement on such a day. A day which changed everything for Muslims around the globe. The day when millions lost their lives. The day when world politics took a dangerous somersault through the air. America=1, Us=0
They strike again.

Politics aside, I can never forget that fatal day. I was in grade 5. I used to sit with Marium Nadeem and I remember very well the discussion we had about the whole WTC towers collapsing. Funny how one remembers meaningless little things like it was a P.T day. We were in our P.T uniforms.Going home on 11th of Sep and finding the T.v switched on. The horrific video showing the airplane crashing into the buildings, playing over and over until i memorized every little detail. Like the woman in red, screaming wildly and a small child looking more amazed than scared. Hundreds of people running wildly around. Smoke everywhere. And i remember thinking.
"How did they know that the plane would crash into the buildings so that they had been sitting with their cameras poised waiting to capture the scene."

I never really understood.All I know is , that peoples' attitude towards us Muslims changed. We became terrorists. Junglis. Inhuman.

and so lies the case.

may all the victims of the 9/11 tragedy rest in peace.

oh Jaanis.....:D

I'm a huge fan of Begum Nawazish Ali. I don't care if you all are laughing out there.Hmmphh.

Honestly, that guy has guts. And in additionhe speaks good fluent english, has a vast knowledge about everything...and is a good speaker. And the style and the grace with which he wears saris is AWESOME. Infact at times he looks prettier than the the women in front of him. Isn't that worth a a whole lot of cheers?!

Its one of the shows i absolutely love. The wit, humour and serious bits thrown your way are in such a beautiful manner that you are always left wanting more...

anyway i sound like a weirdo now.
not that i'm not one. nah huh:P


mind whirring,
I see you, far away,
in a place exotic,
waiting for me..

Too bad i'm not going to come.
too sad you're not going to come either.
each of our egos bigger than the other,
we await each other-
for eternity.