Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The magic of tears.,....

Silent tears,
washing away bitterness
cute little pearls
rolling away to nothingness

Tears, a treasure so unique
always there, always ready
whenever there is a need,
to wash away unwanted emotions

Weaving a path through,
the dirt-streaked cheeks
stopping to kiss nose, mouth tongue
paying tribute to each one in turn

black heart,
blackness flushed away
can see a bit of red,
*O Vitality returns!*
The magic of tears..................

Shocking future!

i've decided that she will one day do something which will shake the world, the community. the family and EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ME, generally.

I will/might:
*Kill herself
*become a nuclear physicist
*becoem a psychopath
*Invent a bomb
*become a maniac kind of Urdu poet
*become a matchmaker
*learn punjabi
*become a lollywood/bollywood actress (ugghh)
*learn kathak (always wanted to do taht)
*become a classical singer
*get married to an old shiekh and wait till he dies, so as to inherit the fortune and then marry his cute son
*do nothing. JUST marry, and have 40 kids

nice or what?!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

holz are here........but where has my excitement gone....?

nothign to do...............nothing at alllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!