Sunday, August 03, 2008

What i want is to disappear
like i never existed.

No void lasts long in this world.

I dont exist anymore. I wish

Everythings so messed up and im watchin myself slowly destroy everything good in my life..
I think im mentally unstable.
I dont know.
But im doing it.

Its weird. But i cannot stop. An I don't want to stop.

I swear, im a maniac.

I want to stretch up, and hang onto the moon and fly away

I want to die. Right now.

I dreamt i was dead and i woke up a bit shaken but strangely happy.
And now Im waiting for the dream to come true
Because, ofcourse its the easy way out of this inferno.

Im sick. I cant even breathe properly. My chest is hurting and so is my upper left arm. Its so annoying. And when i breathe, my lungs hurt.

And also the sole of one of my foot is hurting

how retarded am i?