Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Eid Mubarak from Pakistanis all over

These are Eid Greetings from people all over. In the spirit of Eid, let's all share this.. I think it is a very good idea, it is great to know so many people care. Add it to your blogs as well, spread the word around.

Eid Mubarak to everyone.

Eid Greetings from people all over

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Monday, October 30, 2006


He fingered the velvety rose-petal gently,
wondering what it would be like to touch her sweet face.......

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ramadan Karim stays for another day:D

i hate peopel who say "Ramadan karim" in a pious , exaggerated way. It sounds demented.

Well yes, another roza.
Another day, going hungry. But tahts the spirit of Ramzan. I like it in a away. This month has a different feel to it.
Imagine seeign your cousins who never, i repeat NEVER pray, coming to your place with a namaz ki topi:P
they grow beards, girls stop backbiting. Some like us, stay the way we are.(forever dheets)

Its weird.
But its fake too. Most of the time.

Khair eid.
Eid is hectic for me. Meet this one, meet that one. Go here, go there.
Yes, brand new clothes, one each for the three days of Eid...:D:D
Mithai. cholas. chocolates. yum.


.......oh and yes eidi:P


if you have any message for anyone, just leave it here


it'll go on teh message borad!

i lovie you alyzeh!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


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uga buga booooo

...and if i die, will you feel incomplete?

............... ..................

Thankyou sadia.

Thankyou sadia, for this:



Saturday, October 21, 2006

death ....is here somewhere

this is the third time in two years that i've seen death creeping into my life and the lives of people close to me.I'm not talking about random deaths but those which affected me more than the others and those which i'm sure will leave me scarred for life.

Not again, not now. Those were my first words when i heard.
NO i thought
Please God, No.

May her soul rest in peace

How am i supposed to gather up shards of myself once again?
As it is I've lost so many, the last two times I tried to gather them up.
How am i supposed to build myself up into the strong girl I once was?

Why is it happening to me? Why is it happening to thme?
Why oh God.

Angelina's death was self-inflicted. I blame only her.
Huma's death was accidental yet unfair.
Aunty's death is MADNESS. Four daughters left behind with a Good-for-nothing father.

I always fail to feel vey sorry for the deceased. They go. They leave. They just die.
What about the people left behind?
What about the people who are left clueless not to mention mother-less, father-less, daughter or son-less?
You tell me?
Who wil look after thme?

Only God
o Allah
help them.
Help me, please.
- please.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Murder of my soul....

sad, sad me.
sad, sad world.

Sadness diffusing into the already depressing atmosphere, suffocating, kiling.
Killed in a wink, waiting for something- a miracle almost - your return.
Is this martyrdom?

Martyrs go to heaven. But there must be a fineprint, here somewhere.
Does the ticket to heaven apply to me?
Time stops. Limbo. Torture.
Floating midway, imagining the worst.

Deja vu'. It's happened before.
I've been through this and I know how it'll go....
as soon as heaven opens its gate, and i sigh in relief,
I'm pulled back here, to go through this again.
Sickening doom.
Repeated murder,
of my soul and my hope....

Oh God, stop this.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

will you...?

...and if i tell you i love you, once again, will you laugh it off like you always do?
who possesses it?

not you.

have you ever wondered why I, the Queen of Sarcasm, become all mellow and sweet in front of you?

or why, maybe, i listen so carefully to your romantic inclinations and experiences?
did you ever notice my fake smile and knowing nods?
i am always burning inside, cursing my luck, my fate. Why oh god, why did i have to know you?
-yes its true, everything i do, i do it for you....

you probably said this to someone, one of those Plastics.... plastics, to my eyes....eye-candy to yours...

Burn your eyes....burn them, witches. Witch-hunt.Let me hunt then down.

Love. instensity. Madness.


rosy cheeked girl- green-eyed monster.


you wont ever be mine.

BUT i wont let you be their's either.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

poor shikanjibeen..poor amna..its ok..sniff*

aiesha~... says:
amnaaa kai hoaa?
amna says:
do u like cats?
amna says:
do u want one?
aiesha~... says:
umm\ no...
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
aiesha~... says:
aiesha~... says:
why are you sadd?
amna says:
amna says:
amna says:
amna says:
amna says:

aiesha~... says:
oh god whyyy?
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
amna says:
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
aiesha~... says:
sorry? for what?
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
she finishes a kg of murghi in two days
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
we cant afford this.. i mean who can?!
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
and she's constantly peeing in the neighbors garden
aiesha~... says:
a kg of murghi
amna says:
jiski waja se mujhay aur sunni par rahi hai
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
because that lady asks my maid to wash the place so we have to pay her extra
aiesha~... says:
aiesha~... says:
do you have her picture?
amna says:
i did.. but i think my brother deleted all of them
aiesha~... says:
oh..why? MEANO!
amna says:
right now he was fighting with me because the cat's sleeping on his CLOTHES
amna says:
WHICH by the way are already dirty
aiesha~... says:
AWW...im sure..!
aiesha~... says:
aww its ok
aiesha~... says:
she'll go to a home where she gets a kg of murghi EVERYDAY...inshallah
aiesha~... says:
its ok...
amna says:
and she was just a little baby jab main usay ghar layi thee
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
i dont know
amna says:
i cant just give it away like that u know
amna says:
she'll die
amna says:
n i think she's pregnant
amna says:
anyway. i m sorry
aiesha~... says:
she is?!
aiesha~... says:
amna says:
tumhe kya kya sunna parr raha hai
aiesha~... says:
aiesha~... says:
its sad
aiesha~... says:
i loved her name...

aww amna its ok...muahss*

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


"i've come so far, I lost myself on the journey...", Jean Rhys - Let Them Call It Jazz.

As the car sped towards wherever it was we were going, I felt like saying "Stop!Stop HERE.Right Now!Drop me off here, right here, wherever we are.."But i didn't say anything. I don't know why tears filled my eyes. I don't know why i felt like crying. Suddenly my heart was all heavy and i needed an outlet to whatever was making me sad all of a sudden.I felt like saying, "Yes here, drop me off and I'll go somewhere or maybe nowhere, meet someone or maybe no one, and do something or maybe nothing but thats all irrelevant. Just let me go. iSOLATE ME , ABANDON ME. Yes I want that very much. The car sped on.

As we passd by the KC i felt like jumping out of the car and saying "I'll just go meet him" just to see their rections when they heard "him". How easily , i can make them worry, panic or even burn with curiosity. Ha! But I didn't say anything ofcourse.
We passed by buildings. I could be in any one of them, if God would have had wanted me to have a less disturbed life. I could have been a housewife in flat 102 or a wealthy, single lady in flat 406 or even a maid in flat 302. Why am i aiesha? i wondered.
aiesha who? I mused. I struggled for words to describe myself.
"A short fifteen-going-on-to-sixteen girl who dreams a lot. Who likes being alone, who allows herself to be consumed by self-pity. Who enjoys, almost relishes pain sometimes - and you bleed just to know you're alive...- Weird? Never better.

I sometimes wonder why I wish for things which I know will cause me pain and heartache...
"I wish S.(Umer) would find a lovelier, more inteligent friend so that she would forget me..."
"I wish M.(Raza) would islolate me"
"I wish A(Ayazz)would get get married to whoever she likes without any trouble"

Am I mad? We passed by the PSO ki building. All glass and crystal. Like a huge spectrum emmiting brilliant lights which looked so beautiful, almost mesmerizing. I ahd never looked at thsi building so carefully. I yearned to be inside it, to see how the people inside worked, to be one of them. Anything to get away. i know I was trying to run away from myself, but I don't care.

sigh.... sometimes i act absolutely mad. Everyone kept asking what was wrong with me..but i just smiled, cringing inside " LEAVE ME ALONE, WILL YOU?"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

new boookkkk

My name is red , by Orhan Pamuk...... the first chapter is veryy fascinating.. lets see how the rest of the book turns out...