Thursday, July 31, 2008

i just remembered an incident.

One day, Mrs. Velloz, the woman at our canteen at SJC was very high and giggly.. (she's an old silver-haired woman who INSISTS you greet her before you ask for anything. She's all about please and thankyou and good morning)
Anyway, meha's little brother went to the canteen and asked for Mamamia (the red ice-lolly)

Saud: Can i please have a Mamamia?

Mrs. V: *giggles* Mamamiaaaaaaaaaa....papapiaaaaaaaaaaaaa...what you want han? papapiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Saud: *scared* umm.. and.. a fanty..

Mrs.V: Fanty? *giggles* Auntie without a pantieeee!...

Saud: *runs away*

Meha: *in fits of laughter*


i swear this happened. And she's 70 i think =/