Tuesday, September 25, 2007

what should i do?

What should I do with these broken pieces of my life?
Will trying to put them together, help?
Isn’t it all futile? How? How can life mend itself?
It’s shattered for life. For eternity. For ever and ever and ever and even after that.

*Your memory drifts in and out of my mind.
You still live in there.
Nothing can push you out.
I love you.
Yes I do.
But I want you out.
You’re not helping.
Leave. Please.*

What should I do with this hopeless situation?
Clichéd isn’t it?
I love you, you don’t love me.
You love me, I don’t love you.

Sing again.
When I start losing you..
When I seem far away..
Sing. Sing to me.
Make me fall in love again.
Make your soul within me, dance
Make my heart drum
Make my mind hum.
I think not.*

I think about the past.
And then I think about why I do that..
I know it’ll hurt me.
I know it’ll get me depressed.
I know you wont come back.
Am I glad?
Or do I want you back,
To walk with me on the same paths we walked upon,
Once upon a time?

*Only I know
Where, everywhere you are.
There in that flower.
There, in my poems.
You creep in, secretly,
Leaving me helpless, hopeless…
You hide me sometimes,
Veil me in your calmness…
You’re the one I need.
You make me whole..
I know you live in me.
I know.
But come out my soul..
Come out..
Come and embrace me.
I need you.
I really do.