Thursday, June 28, 2007

regrets, regrets


And you could tell it was me, who was pulling you towards light. Why then, did you turn away?
You knew you were my light, why then did you go away?
You knew our light conversations were hiding something important. Why. Why then did you not stay?

Do you not want to know?
Do you not need to know?
Does it not even matter to you?

Why do I like you?
Why do I yearn for you?
I minute with you, in which you just look at me and smile briefly, is the incentive that can make me live on..

Why am I so desperate?
Why are you so perfect?
Why did I ever meet you?
Why did you come into my life?

Why didn’t I talk when there was a chance?
Why didn’t I smile when you looked at me?
Why didn’t I sit with you when you asked me to?
Why didn’t I touch you when your hands were so close?

Regrets, Regrets.

Why were you so callous?
Why were you so cold?
Why did you hurt me on purpose?

Why do you murder my soul every time we meet?