Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i went to the club yesterday..
I decided to take my new Georgette Heyer novel along... (thanks sarah for helping me discover G.H. F rankly speaking i was quite scared of he books..:P)
Sitting in the Lobby, i realized i was surrounded by guys. Guys smoking, guys laughing, guys smirking, guys flirting, guys having tea, guys reading (for real. honestly) and guys talking about the details of last nights date..

I got up and sat in the other corner, where there were two girls sitting and chatting. Or rather gossiping.
Sitting a bit away from them, i started reading. But how could i?

Girl 1 who had halima-like hair (i'll call her H) : NAHII YAAAR ... your joking.. sahi bataoo
Girl 2 (I'll call her S) : Im serious babes. He said "no way am i coming to my sisters shaadi, cuz she's marrying my girlfriend's brother. How dare she..!" sad i tell you...

H: But. Poor sairaaaa. She has only one brother. Oh forget it.. sad or whatever.... Tell me about what shahid said about me.... *grins and blushes*
S: He said you were a bit too giggly.. or else he'd take you. And also that eliya had already asked him out...*realizes she's been too tactless(about time)* Oh but he's making a BIG mistake. Eliya is gigglier than you... THAT i can bet on.. *satisfied smile*
H: He said i was giggllyyyyy????????????????????????????????????????? *looks horrified and looks around, spots me, trying hard to pretend im reading and lowrs her voice*
Let me get this straight. He said i was giggly???? And eliya's NOT? That Bitch. I'm going to murder her...

At this point i looked up horrified. But H, ignoring me continued..

H: Ughh.. he said he'd go with me!!!!!!! and noe he's *the mobile rings*
Hello? KAUN? what? NOOOOOO im not kulsoom. How dare you.. yeh dramey apni maan behan ke saath kara karo. ainda phoen kia tou mein goli maar doon gi...samajh ayi?
*disconnects the call*

S looks at me apologetically and i smile and nod as if to say its okay and get up and leave..

Lol. i just posted this cuz it was veryyy alarming..