Tuesday, June 19, 2007

listening to chasing cars, by snow patrol.

Well yes it is an emo song.. so what?
Im emo:P


oh i have to have to, post abt that engagement..

oH sweet God.. i don't know why se agreed to marry him..
Surely, CBM guys arent that ugly..
Oh shit..

We arrived at the stupid hall a hour before the bride decided she'd better put her henna-ed feet in golden shoes in the hall. For heaven's sake, it was just an engagement ceremony. Get over with it. Besides i was famished and the very sight of those huge golden whatever-you-call-em made me pine for soem food. Any food.

Ok. then suddenly 'she' arrived. The engagementee i mean.. and her fiance'..

I was burning with curiosity...
Suddenly my cousin, my usually calm-and-composed cousin shrieked. I shook her and said "kia hoa? kia hoa? (and cuz i know she could see him clearly, i went on) surely he cant be that bad...i mean atleast he's not bald!"

And she swallowed hard and said "but he is bald.."

The guy was ten years older than Miss. M but loked abt 40..
Thin, dark, frowning, half-bald man...
I felt so sorry for the squirming, shiny-faced, girl..

sigh.. life is mean.