Sunday, June 17, 2007

raves and rants..

What i dont understand is why.. why on earth do i hurt the people i love, the most...
I end up making the people i love, hate me...

I am most careless about the things i care for... sigh.. anyway.

Im bored.
Im bored
Im bored

And even though im bored i DONT want to go anywhere, meet anyone or do anything.
Its like im blank. Lazily bored. I'd rather be like this than go out and have fun.
Because here, having fun only comes after, a lot of planning, arguements, dressing up....

Oh wait. All that, only if you can get your lazy ass up...
i can't . i dont want to!

During the exams, i made a list of things to do in the vacations..
On Independence Day, i opened my diary looking for the familiar blessed pink sheet on which my "june-july" depended... and guess what?

Yes. indeed. No pink sheet. I lost it. I LOST ITTTT

and now, i cant think of a single thing to to do. hmph..

Oh did i mention the Engagement Ceremony i have to go to after an hour?
Being a Memon means that, unfortunately. Parties, weddings, get-togethers...
Now dont get me wrong here. I love the fact that im a Memon and all that.. but do we have to go to our dad's cousin's daughter's daughter's (i think i got it right) engagement for heaven's sake...

This girl-in-question.. the engagementee (lol), i am not very fond of..
She's started the whole a-girl-whose-18-in Cbm-educated-but-still-is-listening-to-her-mum-and-marrying-a-wealthy-chap-who's-a-chartered accountant thing.
Now her cousin, whose 18 and in the same institute and has higher aims than lassoing a wealthy CA is being given her example and cajoled to consider some rishta.

oh i went to the beach today. French Beach, high tides, not-too-brown sand and cousins... Not bad at all..
But its sooooo hot. It was scorchingly hot even at 6 in the morning, which is sad..

now, i have to go get ready (ugh) and see teh engagementee's fiance..