Friday, July 04, 2008


When the sun you believed in as a child, clouds over and the murky clouds take over, a delicate shudder runs through your body. When you are standing at the edge - right where the vegetation and life and sounds and love, thins and becomes pale- you can hear the screams of the childhood you thought was dead. There. Right there you realize that death is only a new beginning. A new start, so fresh, it brings tears to your eyes. It is all a cycle of death.

You gaze at a squirming, red, newborn child and you blink away unexpected tears, which are heavy with so much reasoning and realization, they can choke you. You want to strangle this fragile creature because life only gets worse ahead. Why would you want such an innocent soul to go through the pains of growing up only to kill themselves one day?

When the loud, very loud voices of the Muezzen break your thoughts, you smile. Because interruption saves you from getting yourself depressed any furthur.

You stick you face into your steaming mug of coffee and sigh, because yes, the pleasure of life does exist in small, hidden places..