Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The winds of the Moon whip bridal curtains into an orgasmic frenzy while a bubble of a Dream bursts unceremoniously into a puddle of tears turned murky with Wait. A little soft Sigh floats across the Sea and shudders as it encounters Denial. A thousand little No-ones wrap their tentacles around the legs of young Sucidals and trip them into a series of black Books depicting legendary Love Stories, knowing very well that they clambered out of them in the first place. It all happens Again. A red skirt flies aimlessly in the sky, showering tiny humans with Golden sequins and generating Frowns on turned-rigid-with-rules faces. Taboos unleashed.
The yellow Flower she once wore in her black Curls curled inwards, all tensed and fell out and Died.
The red Henna on her plams frizzled and hissed and turned pale with Worry.
The first Butterfly touch on her shoulder made her Melt. In a Bad way.
Because whom she thought was her Prince was actually..