Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I just read sadia's post on suicide.
I try not to talk about it.
But when people do start the topic, like the literature class she talked about, I dont know how to tell them about it all.

Its haunting.
The whole discussion.

I know Angel was brave.
i dont even hesitate in telling people about her.
She was courageous.
She was.

She didn't have a choice did she?
I'm going to write along the same lines as Sadia ie. what will you do if you are raped. That too by soemone you know? And ... the horror of it all: your step-mother is involved.

Step or no, a mother is a mother is a mother is a mother.

No one commits suicide unless its teh only solution. I can bet on it.
When you know life's only going to get worse. No Prince Charming is going to rescue you from your evil enemies (read step-mother) what else are you supposed to do? Say you're fine with beign harnessed to a 32-yr-old man who happens to be a rapist, who's also married and has three kids your age? No. Then you say "I quit" to God.

You know how when one reads Cinderella, a typical evil step-mother image comes to your mind? Well i always thought it was false. Step-mothers are not evil. They're normal women like your mother and mine. But oh no! Now, to me all of them are the same. Evil, hard-hearted, cruel.

Angel's death might be self-inflicted but i call it murder.
It was forced.
She didn't want to die.
She was a lively girl of sixteen with dreams and hopes.
She used to love cracking jokes and laughing.
She used to pull me out of depression.

I miss you Angel.
More than ever.

You were my soul-mate.
You still are.

And to those who did this to you, i wish ... things i cant even say.
I hope they lose themselves.

May God punish them.

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