Wednesday, March 21, 2007

blood and roses

When you give me a rose,
lets each prick our fingers,
with the thorns
and drip blood onto the petals..
Color it in our vitality...

A rose to Us!
To our love-hate relationship.
Blood and roses.
Wine and poison.
Lets explore new dimensions,
of love.

When you touch me,
leave a scratch.
Leave an impression.
Whats better to enhance love,
than hurt, anyway?

Your love is preying,
on my soul.
Biting at my sensitivity.
Thank you for making me bitter.
I know your intentions are pure.
Bitterness helps survival.

Thank you for teaching me,
to cut myself open.
What other way is there?
to know myself better.
My depths...

So much to thank you for.
Oh people who say,
I'm cynical, bitter
What do they know,
what love is?
Its all about losing,
All about hurt.
Bland and bitter,
No music and sweetness.
What do they know?
Those foolish rose-eyed things.

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