Sunday, October 15, 2006

will you...?

...and if i tell you i love you, once again, will you laugh it off like you always do?
who possesses it?

not you.

have you ever wondered why I, the Queen of Sarcasm, become all mellow and sweet in front of you?

or why, maybe, i listen so carefully to your romantic inclinations and experiences?
did you ever notice my fake smile and knowing nods?
i am always burning inside, cursing my luck, my fate. Why oh god, why did i have to know you?
-yes its true, everything i do, i do it for you....

you probably said this to someone, one of those Plastics.... plastics, to my eyes....eye-candy to yours...

Burn your eyes....burn them, witches. Witch-hunt.Let me hunt then down.

Love. instensity. Madness.


rosy cheeked girl- green-eyed monster.


you wont ever be mine.

BUT i wont let you be their's either.